190ml/170g Hexagonal Glass Jar With Lid T/O 58mm

190ml/170g Hexagonal Glass Jar With Lid T/O 58mm


High Quality Hexagonal Glass Jar With Lid



This high quality food grade hexagonal glass jar is ideal for jam, sauce, chutney, preserve, honey and mustard. It comes with a twist off lid and is an ideal container for artisan products. These 190ml jars can be hot filled up to 85° or retorted (filled and cooked).
This 190ml Hexagonal glass jar is perfect for all produce like honey, jams ect.. Because of it’s hexagonal shape it stands out on the shelfs and gives that extra bit of individuality.

We have an enormous range of glass jars: jam jars, honey jars, chutney jars, and artisan jars. Call us on +353 (01) 450 8759 if you can’t find what you are looking for, we’re bound to have it.


The Packaging Centre’s bottles and jars are made from soda-lime-silica (type III) glass, which meets the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia. All our glass bottles and jars are produced in accordance with the regulations under the Materials and Articles in Contact with Food regulations.

Recycling Information

100px-Recycling-Code-71.svgOur glass containers can be recycled and on average contain 60% recycled materials.

Additional information

Weight 535724251 kg
Dimensions 5356425 × 5356025 × 535625 cm
Lid Colour


Length 0
Width 0
Height 100mm
Diameter 75mm
Capacity Volume 190ml/170g
Weight 180g
Lid/Cap Size 58mm
Small Packages Rates
1 - 2 small packages €8.60
3 - 4 small packages €12.10
5 - 6 small packages €18.15
7 - 8 small packages €24.20
9 - 10 small packages €30.25
11 - 12 small packages €36.30
13 - 14 small packages €42.35
15 small packages €50.00
Large Packages Rates
1 large package €8.60
2 large packages €12.10
3 large packages €18.15
4 large packages €24.20
5 large packages €30.25
6 large packages €36.30
7 large packages €42.35
8 large packages €50.00

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